Saturday, March 8, 2008

Union Square Silliness

First final (oximoron much?) for Illustration class this sememster. I dunno, kinda dull for me. Does fuel the need to make more epic arts though >:D

Got the payment for my first 'real' commission yesterday. Wowie I can get a better cardboard box now! :D

I've learned my lesson on pricing for sure though. No more of these cheepies just so people are more likely to buy. Apparently people like my stuff AND are willing to pay! Huzzah! :D

Friday, March 7, 2008

Look at the fluffies :D

Okay, so this is my Sci Fi and Fantasy Illustration classes first final. Boy, what a mouthful! Its great to have such freedom in a class so early on, lets me see how far I can take things right now and where I really really need to improve. Overall, I'm happy with this at the moment. Its in the process of watercolors and such and the stonework looks AMAZING I'm pleased to say. Or it looks amazing to me :3

Sorry for the horrid huge watermark. I posted this on deviantart as well and I just can't risk leaving it to the little scavangers anymore. Later ones should just have a link to my deviantart on the bottom. Awesomeness :D